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China-Arab States Expo opens in NW China

SHIJIAZHUANG vans old skool tilbud , Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Forest rangers in northern China's Saihanba Forest Farm recently received a prestigious UN environment award.

On Tuesday, Saihanba afforestation community in Inner Mongolia scooped the UN Champions of the Earth Award for its outstanding contribution to restoration of degraded landscapes.

"As an ordinary worker at the farm, I am immensely encouraged by the award," said fire-lookout Zhao Fuzhou.

"The award should be credited to three generations of foresters," said Zhao Zhenyu, 78 vans old skool danmark , one of Saihanba's first foresters, who began planting trees on what was then a piece of barren land in the early 1960s.

After decades of hard work, Saihanba is now a vast forest covering about 93,000 hectares and an important ecological shield for Beijing and Tianjin.

Every year the forest in Saihanba purifies 137 million cubic meters of water and delivers half a million tons of oxygen.

"Fifty-five years of afforestation efforts tell us that when one generation of foresters after another spares no efforts to improve the environment they will succeed," Zhao Zhenyu said.

Erik Solheim, executive director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) , hailed Saihanba community for its pioneering innovation, saying that cost effective grassroots initiatives could reclaim degraded landscapes.

"The Saihanba afforestation community has transformed degraded land into lush green paradise -- part of a new Great Wall of vegetation that will play a part in helping protect millions from air pollution and preserving precious water supplies," Solheim said.

The international acclaim has made Saihanba's foresters feel that they shoulder greater responsibilities in afforestation to contribute to a greener world.

"Winning acknowledgement from UNEP marked a new starting point for our work, and we will redouble our efforts to take good care of the green treasure," said An Changming, deputy Party chief of the Saihanba Forest Farm.

In 2016 , the restored forest in Saihanba stimulated green sectors of the economy, generating an estimated 15.1 million U.S. dollars.

Looking ahead, foresters at the farm are aiming to unleash greater potential of the forest in areas such as tourism, wind power, and carbon trading, bringing more ecological , social and economic benefits to residents in the region and beyond.

MONTE CARLO, Monaco, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) -- The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Council has decided to maintain their suspension of Russia from international competition before all verification criteria are fully met during the two-day 212th meeting that concluded here on Sunday.

"Since the IAAF Congress in August, the IAAF Taskforce has been in constant communication with RusAF (Russian Athletics Federation) and its President Dmitri Shlyakhtin. Shlyakhtin has impressed us with his professionalism, and his pursuing to change the old doping culture in Russian track and field," Rune Andersen , independent Chair of the IAAF Russian Taskforce, said at Sunday's press conference.

In April 2017, the IAAF Council approved a roadmap proposed by the taskforce that identified six specific conditions to be met in order for the Taskforce to be able to recommend RusAF's reinstatement.

"Some of the milestones on the Roadmap to RusAF's reinstatement have been met, at least in part. However, several key milestones remain outstanding," said Andersen.

The IAAF Council suspended RusAF from membership in November 2015 , after a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Independent Commission concluded there was a culture of systematic doping in Russian athletics, ruling out Russian athletes' chances of competing at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and the World Championships in London this year.

According to the taskforce, of the five remaining conditions in the roadmap, acknowledgement of McLaren findings and reinstatement of RUSADA have not been met.

In November, WADA ruled against the reinstatement of RUSADA as it considered Russia was still not compliant with the international anti-doping code.

"The Taskforce thinks it's vital, because unless there is an acknowledgement of what happened before , there can be no assurance that it will not happen again.

"Therefore, the Taskforce recommended to the IAAF Council that RusAF not be reinstated at this time. The Council unanimously accepted the recommendation," said Andersen.

Following the IAAF Council's decision, it remained unclear that Russian athletes have the possibility of featuring on the 2018 World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.

"We have unanimously on every occasion endorsed the recommendations of the Taskforce, and we will continue to do that. Under the right circumstances that they fully met criteria that we put in agreement with RusAF, we have that reinstatement in place for Russian athletes to resume their places in international sport ," commented IAAF President Sebastian Coe.

NEW YORK, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group on Monday unveiled a joint venture with Marriott International to allow Chinese travelers to book Marriott hotels through Alibaba's travel service website and app.

According to an announcement on the joint venture, Chinese tourists will be able to reserve Marriott's over 6,200 properties in 125 countries on Fliggy, the Chinese group's online platform, as well as the hotel chain's Chinese-language digital channels.

The hotel company said it will also accept Alipay , the online payment platform owned by Alibaba affiliate company Ant Financial.

Through the partnership, Marriott said it will be able to get access to Alibaba's 500 million monthly active mobile users to better market and engage with China's ever-growing consumer class.

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